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Thodudaiya Seviyan
Thodudaiya Seviyan.png

Raagam - Gambheera Nattai

Thalam - Adi

Composer -   Saint Thirugnanasambandar

Choreographer - Smt. Daya Ravi

Thodudaiya Seviyan is a beautiful piece depicting the glory of  Lord Shiva. It is based on the verse from “Thevaram”. Shiva is described as the magnificent one, who adorns huge earrings, with matted hair and a white crescent moon upon his head. His body is smeared with ashes and he shares the left half of his body with his consort Parvathi as Ardh-Naari. This union of Shiva and Parvathi exemplifies the eternal duality of life.  His divinity captures everyone’s heart and he resides in Brahmaapuram and traverses the universe seated on his vehicle, Nandhi the bull.

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