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Om Namo Narayana
Om Namo Narayana.png

Raagam - Karnaranjani
Thalam - Kanda Chaapu
Composer - Smt. Ambujam Krishnan
Choreographer - Sri Srikanth Natarajan

Om Namo Narayana describes the beauty of Lord Narayana. The poet describes the beauty of his coral lips, the beauty of his lotus eyes, the ears that are resplendent with earrings, the beauty of  the hand that holds the booming conch, the chest on which shines the Muppuri, decorated with Tulsi leaves, the slim waist with tinkling bells and the bells in anklets making pleasurable sounds. What is  the method of  successful living other than reciting the name of Lord Gurvayur? Having seen the sight of the Lord of Vaikuntam on the earth and ecstatic from it, singing his praise and celebrating with folded hands, the body and soul melts in devotion. 

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