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Sri RamaChandra Kripalo
Sri RamaChandra Kripalo.png

Raagam - Yaman Kalyan
Thalam - Adi
Composer - Saint Tulasidas
Choreographer - Smt. Daya Ravi

In this song, the poet outpours that if one chants Rama’s name with utter devotion their fear of death will vanish. Tulsidas compares Lord Rama’s face, eyes, palms and feet to the fresh lotus flower. His beauty exceeds innumerable Cupids and his body is hued like a newly formed blue cloud. Tulasidas sings, “O Sri Ram, the charmer of Lord Shiv, the great snake Adishesha and many saints reside in the lotus of my heart and destroy all the evils and their associates like desires”. The artist  depicts various events that occurred in the epic Ramayana, which includes killing the asura (demon) Thataka, Sita and Rama’s Swayamvara, and Rama killing Sugreeva’s brother Vali by bringing seven trees down with one single arrow.

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