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Shakti Thandavam
Amma Anandadhayini Varnam.png

Raagam: Hamsadwani
Thalam: Adi
Composer: Sri Guhan
Choreographer: Guru Sri Udupi Lakshminarayanan & Smt. Daya Ravi

Goddess Shakti is the Divine Mother who created the Universe during her cosmic dance, similar to the Big Bang theory. Shakti was the source to create Brahma (creator) Vishnu (to protect) and Shiva (to destroy),  the five elements for mankind to sustain, as well as light and sound for human survival. She created the pairs of opposites: happiness and sorrow, sickness and health, good thoughts and bad thoughts. She then leaves it to the free will of humans to choose accordingly and watches her leela being played out.

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