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Kaalinga Nardhanam Thillana
Kaalinga Nardhanam Thillana.png

Raagam - Gambheera Naatai
Thaalam - Adi
Composer - Sri. Oothukadu Venkatasubbaiyer
Choreographer - Smt. Daya Ravi

This is a song describing Krishna's vibrant dance with his lotus-like feet on the head of the Snake Kaalinga, on the turbulent waves, by the banks of the river Yamuna. His compassionate glance and melodious flute captivates even the hearts of the great sages. The immaculate beauty of the Lord, with Tilak on his forehead, curly locks of hair and his majestic face is a delightful sight which the Gopis admire. Krishna, the son of Nanda, in spite of all his mischievous childhood pranks like stealing butter, is adored by all the people of Brindavan. 

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