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Amma Anandadhayini Varnam
Shakti Thandavam.png

Raagam: Gambheera Nattai
Thalam: Adi
Composer: Dr. Sri. M. Balamuralikrishna
Choreographer: Sri Srikanth Natarajan

Varnam is the centerpiece of a Bharatanatyam repertoire where the expertise and stamina of the dancer is shown through the combination of nritta (pure dance) and nrithya (interpretative verses). This varnam is in praise of Mother Goddess Shakthi, the embodiment of three Goddesses: Durga (Power), Lakshmi (Wealth), and Saraswathi (Knowledge). The poet refers to her as the mother who grants immense happiness to her devotees, and the manifestation of Om. The dancer depicts a brief episode from poet Kalidasa’s life. Born as an illiterate and ignorant wood cutter, Kalidasa was married to a princess. Deeply distressed with his attitude, she seeks the blessings of Goddess Kali. Her faith and surrender transforms him into one of the greatest poets in Sanskrit literature. 

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